Senior Portraits


Through all the sacrifices and struggles, the big achievements and small obstacles you’ve overcome. From the friendships made … congratulations.

You’ve made it!

Senior year is such an exciting time and every minute needs to be cherished and remembered.  It’s a time of closure on your childhood before you make new memories on the next chapter of your life. Before you take that step into adulthood, take the time to remember this journey that has made you who you are.

This is your time to shine!

I want to capture YOU at this moment, so years from now you can look back and remember this exciting time in your life. Be it sports, the arts, your favorite subject or music – it’s crucial to integrate it into your photographs. Before your session, we will discuss your interests, expectations, and ideally what you’d like out of your session.  Your style will dictate where we take your photographs.

I have been a teacher for ten years and am very laid back. I like hearing about what you like to do for fun, your goals, and what you are all about.  If there’s something creative or different you want to try — run it by me! I’m always up for new ideas and love creativity in my photographs.  I want you to be yourself, let loose, and forget a camera is even near!  I want you to enjoy your session and have fun!