Senior FAQ


Where will we meet?

Once I get feel for your interests and style, we will decide what location best fits your personality. I’m always open for suggestions – be it your back yard, school grounds, or local park.  I have quite a few local favorites and can share them with you once we determine what you’re style is!

What do I bring?

Bring friends, family, sports equipment, uniforms … even your cell phone. Whatever and whoever you are at this time in your life is what matters! We will find a way to work it into your photographs. Parents and friends are always welcome and sometimes help to break the tension with a fun story to make you laugh.  I’ve had seniors come alone, with their best friend, their significant other or their parents. Whatever makes you most comfortable!

How do I know what to wear?

We will discuss this once your book your session. Start pinning things on Pinterest, putting ideas together and finding things you like.  I want your photographs to be who you were at this time in your life, so we can talk as much as you’d like so you’re comfortable with your choices!

For inspiration, visit my Pinterest site @

Can I take photos with my friends?

How you spend your session time is up to you. If you want to bring your best friend, boyfriend or even your dog – we will make it fit.  It’s important to focus on YOU first, but it’s also great to include what represents your Senior Year!


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