Preparing for Your Senior Session


What’s Your Style?

Be true to your style – don’t change who you are just for your pictures. For example, this is not the time to try out a new hairstyle – you don’t want to look later and have regrets. When choosing your outfits, try to find a variety of looks so that each outfit shows a different side of your personality, and be sure to choose flattering clothing, too.

Accessories can add to the look of an outfit…don’t be afraid to throw in a fun scarf, hooded jacket, jewelry, heels, belts or hats! Combining something dressy with an urban setting can make a great look, so bring your prom dress or gown or a trendy jacket with your tie loose!

Girls – consider the look of your makeup – you can be more dramatic than normal, but I caution you not to try something that is completely off base from who you are. If you do not normally wear makeup, you may want to consider mascara and lip gloss for a polished, fresh look.

Guys – if you are going to get a haircut before your session, have it done about a week before your session. A fresh shave before your session will also make you look great! Hats are fine for your session, but remember not to wear one prior to your session to avoid a rim on your forehead.

Also¬†Retouching is included for all of your images, so don’t worry about blemishes.

Bright and vibrant colors always look nice in photographs, and tend to look better than whites or really pale pastels. While busy prints can sometimes take the focus away from the subject (plaids and stripes are not the best), I will say that I do love fun and fashionable clothing.

Clothes should be pressed and on hangers – if you bring them in a bag, your wrinkles will show in your images and will not be retouched. A tank top underneath your clothing can make for an easy change on location.

Bare feet look more natural and relaxed, but a great pair of shoes can be the perfect accessory, too. If you are going to wear shoes, watch for dirt and scuff marks. For outside locations, we can slip shoes on and off if you like.

If you aren’t sure about what to ear, we can discuss this before your session date. You can also bring several outfits with you and we can look through them together.

What’s Your Stuff?

Sports gear, musical instruments, your favorite shoes or jacket…anything that defines who you are…bring it on! We’ll find ways to work these into your images.

I also find that seniors are much more at ease when they bring a friend (or a few!). For some reason, when mom or dad are around, it’s harder to relax and be themselves. Both the students and the parents are much happier with their images this way.

Some other things to think about bringing: water, kleenex, mirror, brush, hairspray, makeup, and accessories. And don’t forget to eat something before your session, too!

What’s Your Scene?

Shooting on-location offers a great variety of scenery. Consider a “city-look” – downtown areas can be funky and modern. And you can never go wrong with the beauty of a park or garden. I’m up for anything, so let me know what you have in mind! Even with one location, we can find endless looks and backgrounds for variety in your session.

I have several locations that are my personal favorites. If you need a recommendation or help choosing your location, just let me know! As we walk through the location, I’ll be looking for areas that provide the proper lighting and nice backgrounds…and if it’s a location I know well, I’ll take you to my favorite spots!